3 Things That Kept Me From Blogging

Mind you these aren’t excuses. There are no excuses for not being prepared. I need to have a stash of timeless posts put away for the days when I just can’t write. Let’s face it. It is going to happen again.

First Block: The Job Interview

Not the first interview mind you with the company; not even the second. I didn’t even stop posting when I got homework assignment #2 from them, which kept me up at night dreaming and thinking. This was the amazing third and last executive interview fondly known to job hunters as The Inquisition. As I prepared for this final meeting (which I hope will likely shape my future for the next ten years at least), all other duties had to fall to the wayside. This could be my only focus. I had to nail this interview. I had to shine like a bright new penny fresh from the mint.

Did I nail it, you ask? I might have. Right up until I spilt my bottle of water onto my laptop keyboard. But I tried to handle the situation like a pro. I calmly called for some napkins, and continued to answer the questions while I mopped up my spill. Let’s hope my “display” of calm under pressure went in my favor.

Second Block: The Water

At the end of the interview, I powered off my laptop. Closed it up and slipped it into my briefcase and went home. The interview/inquisition was over. The process is in God’s hand and I can’t make it move any faster than when it will. They said that they would get back to me sometime this week or next. So I’m taking a short course in the virtue of patience; or long course all depending on whose seat you are sitting in.

The next morning I get up intending to write my daily blog post only to discover some condensation on my screen. “Oh yeah,” I think back to that regrettable moment, “the water.”  Tissue to the rescue. Condensation removed. The screen appears fine when my laptop powers up. I smile. All good. And then I start to type.  My sentences look like this: thebrownfoxjumpedoverthefence. Hmmph!

I tap at the spacebar a few times. Try again. Tryagain. Nope. I broke it.

I backed away from the desk and left it open for a few days hoping that the heat in the room would dry it out.

Third Block: Stress Followed By Sniffles

While I’m pacing back and forth waiting to hear about my interview, and waiting to see if my laptop is to survive its trip to the waterfalls, I discover I’m exhausted. And every exhausted person in the winter knows that there is a sniffle with their name on it. So I wasn’t too surprised to wake up two days later with my first cold of the winter season. Sitting beside me now is a box of tissues, a bottle of NyQuil (which I’ll take as soon as I’m finished writing), and a handful of throat drops. That is my classic cold remedy. Oh, and the top of our refrigerator looks like an advertisement in the juice of the month club. We got it all.


So far, I’m two out of three.  I was correct. A couple of days with the laptop sitting open and my keyboard has dried out nicely. All the keys work again; even the important spacebar. My cold seems to be under control, although as my father would say I’m still taking “daddy’s little nightcap (NyQuil)” before I go to bed. I’m doing okay in my short course in patience. The cold kind of helped since I got to sleep a few days of it away.  Now comes the long second half of the course, but I’ll use my blog writing to get through these long days.

PS: Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me; I’m a little light in the toes department so I can use all the prayers I can get. Thanks all.