All the Little Liars

All the Little Liars (Aurora Teagarden, #9)All the Little Liars by Charlaine Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



About this book:

Charlaine Harris returns to her Aurora Teagarden series with book 9, All The Little Lairs. This was my first Teagarden book and within the first 10 pages all I kept thinking was why I hadn’t put this higher up in my To Be Read pile?

I loved Aurora the minute I met her. I love Harris’ love for public libraries.

In All The Little Liars, Harris has woven a page-turning mystery set in a small town that is growing to a large suburb adjacent to Atlanta. Everybody knows everybody which is both quaint and aggravating. To top it off Aurora and her famous novelist husband, Robin Crusoe, are just getting adjusted to married life and the pregnancy they have kept hidden from friends and family. And because family traumas never have good timing, Aurora’s half brother, Philip, is now living with the newlyweds as he couldn’t deal with the separation of his parents. Everything seems new for Roe (Aurora) who is constantly thinking of this new life growing within her that is already making its presence known with morning sickness and exhaustion. All in all it seems like it is going to be a nice homey Christmas. That is until Philip and three other teenagers go missing.

Life immediate turns surreal, but Aurora and Robin can’t sit at home doing nothing. And we are happier readers because they don’t.

Calling All The Little Liars a page-turner doesn’t do it justice. I found myself with that avid reader problem: do I put down the book and get some sleep or stay up all night and have fun reading it until the end? For several days I only allotted myself 10 pages a day as I tried to extend my reading pleasure. But I got to the point where I couldn’t put down. I had to know. Much to my husband’s disappointment I gave in and read all night. I loved every single page all the way to the end. And I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise as I hugged the book and sad good-bye to Aurora — for now. I’m hooked on this series and the first eight books will be on reserve at my library today. Don’t miss out on this lovely read that feels like you have reconnected with a long lost friend and the two of you haven’t missed a beat in your friendship.

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I received a free copy but voluntarily reviewed.

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The Lioness of Morocco

The Lioness of MoroccoThe Lioness of Morocco by Julia Drosten

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
Release Date: June 1, 2017
Category: Historical fiction
Setting: England, Morocco, Portugal

Very few books set in a foreign land have been able to so immerse me into a culture. Several times, I forgot I was reading a book and felt like I was looking out my window and seeing a whole New World.
Not only did the setting make me fall in love with Morocco but the characters in the conflict enveloped me in a story I didn’t want to leave. I love the main character, Sibylla, who grew emotionally during the story. But every woman in the story evolved during this epic family saga.
In addition, I have a greater understanding of how trade impacted countries from an economic standpoint as well as an environmental and social standpoint. The story itself had everything you want in a book: adventure, war, heartache, and love. While this book will appeal to many who read romance novels this goes far beyond just a romance and truly shows the historical value of one little plant, the saffron. The Lioness of Morocco is exactly what historical fiction should be.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I received a free copy but voluntarily reviewed.

Lake of Destiny

Lake of Destiny (Celtic Legends, #1)Lake of Destiny by Martina Boone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Publisher: Mayfair Publishing
Series: Celtic Legends, Book #1
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Category: Romance, Highlands
Author Website:

This first book in Martina Boone’s new Celtic Legends series doesn’t disappoint with cute Highland men wearing kilts, overly friendly dogs making mischief, and two singles so caught up in the organization of a traditional Highland festival that they can’t seem to find time to fall in love.

Yet we know going into this sweet romance from Mayfair Publishing that there will be love by the end of the book. It’s not the destination that we’re concerned with here but rather the journey from being lonely to being in love.

What helps the story is that you immediately like Anna, the heroine. And who can’t fall instantly in love with a devastatingly handsome former blockbuster movie star now widower who puts the care and comfort of his only daughter above his own needs. It seems like an instant match to me.

However, what throws off the story for me is the convoluted backstories of both our heroine and hero. There are repeated tellings – and I mean *repeated* – of Anna’s story. We can piece together what has driven Anna to the Highlands: (1) a strained relationship between Anna and her mother, because of Anna’s participation in childhood beauty pageants; (2) Anna’s strained relationship with her sister, Katherine, who took something of Anna’s (3) Anna’s human error at her former law firm that caused her to leave D.C. We understand what molded Anna into the person she is at the beginning and end of her story. She grows during this story. I LOVE when a heroine grows during the story. We have a climax and resolution for her first backstory; which I think is why I liked Anna so much. I understood her growth during the story. But resolution for the other two are rather half hearted and really felt like they could be cut out If they aren’t worth a proper resolution.

I feel the same about Connal’s backstory. While we hear repeated pieces of his background story I get lost in the different versions of Connal as he keeps reinventing himself to present to the outside world. Each with it’s own name. I never feel like I really connected to who Connal is on the inside. I don’t believe his background story was told with the same conviction with which Anna’s story was told. Therefore I felt like we missed something when the ending came and it was a happily ever after for Connal but I still had open wounds for him that hadn’t yet healed.

That being said, this is truly a sweet romance that I had the pleasure to read. Boone has a wonderful turn of a phrase and has mastered the art of description. I shall never be able travel to the Highlands myself, but I do believe that for a few hours Boone had transported me there. I will remember the experience fondly in my dreams. Clearly Boone has mastered storytelling, so I’m writing off any missing holes in Connal’s story as the price we pay in today’s cutthroat publishing world with an eye on page count and costs. Given an unlimited canvas to write on I’m convinced Boone would have presented us with a masterful backstory and growth for Connal. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and continue my relation with the inhabitants of Boone’s Highland.

I received a free copy but voluntarily reviewed.

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The Angel

The AngelThe Angel by Troy Lambert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Publisher: Independent Author
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Category: Religious
Author Website:

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s poem, The Dying Child, Troy Lambert’s The Angel is a contemporary short story. While any story of a dying child is heartbreaking, Lambert’s version is a poignant tragedy that invokes a wide range of emotions.

I’ve suffered several tragedies in the last few years. I thought I had dealt with each loss in turn. Yet Lambert’s prose is so deceptively innocent that shines a light on any darkness lurking on the fringes of your consciousness. I found the message of The Angel stayed with me for days.

I’d honestly encourage anyone who is struggling with pain, heartache, and loss to read, The Angel. You don’t need to believe in angels to enjoy Lambert’s story, but you may find that you *want* to believe. I think that is a sign of Hope, which might open the door to comfort and healing.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of The Angel as @tlambertwrites requested an honest review.

Wedding Night with the Earl

Wedding Night With the Earl (The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels Trilogy, #3)Wedding Night With the Earl by Amelia Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Series: The Heirs’ Club of Scoundrels Trilogy
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Category: Romance – History – Regency
Author Website:

The Series:

The Heirs’ Club only accepts titled gentlemen and the heir to the title as members. It must make interesting conversation at the family dinner table when the firstborn son is admitted but all additional sons are excluded. For three roguish young gentlemen this stuffy club is just the kind of place they feel compelled to liven up. Bray Drakestone, the future Duke of Drakestone, is the heir that opens the door to the stuffy gentlemen’s club; you’ll read about him in The Duke in My Bed (Book #1.) Harrison Thornwick, fourth son of the Earl of Thornwick, is one of Drakestone’s best friends that accompanies Drakestone to the club; you’ll learn more about Thornwick in The Earl Claims a Bride (Book #2.) Adam Greyhawke married young but after losing his wife and child he spent his days carousing and gambling with his two best friends; you’ll want to see how a grown up Greyhawke still seeks out his friends at the Heirs’ Club in the Wedding Night with the Earl (Book #3). Don’t miss out on the two holiday novellas that give insight into two other gentlemen who visit the Heirs’ Club; you’ll enjoy the holidays reading The Duke and Miss Christmas (Book #2.5) and Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (Book #3.5).

My Review of: Wedding Night with the Earl (Book #3)

Our hero and heroine have both suffered. Adam Greyhawke married young only to lose his wife and first child.

Katherine Wright has been loved to the point of smothering ever since she became an orphan and then a ward of her elderly Uncle and Aunts. While Katherine has willingly and happily joined the Wilted Tea Society her Uncle insists she find a husband before the end of this – her third – season. Her Uncle will never rest until he has fulfilled his obligation to his deceased brother by securing Katherine’s future with a marriage to a proper gentleman. But Adam and Katherine have to face their physical and emotional fears that prevent them from living life to the fullest together.

Each book can be read as a stand-alone, yet when read in order Grey has woven a fuller dynamic storyline. While each book is a love story, Grey presents a deep friendship between the three heroes. And she does not forget the ladies’ friendships either. I can easily see a spinoff for the remaining ladies of the Wilted Tea Society. I would enjoy seeing them fall in love, too.

I liked Katherine and Adam. Grey did a wonderful job keeping their storyline realistic in their struggles yet ignites an instant attraction that builds every time they meet.
The Heirs’ Club series:
 The Duke in My Bed (Book #1)
 The Earl Claims a Bride (Book #2)
The Duke and Miss Christmas (Book #2.5
Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis (Book #3.5)
Disclaimer: The author sent me a paperback copy of Wedding Night with the Earl requesting a fair and honest review.

Color Me Wed

Color Me Wed: Stress Relieving Wedding Coloring Book: Adult Coloring Book, Wedding Coloring Book, Bride to Be, Bridal Shower GiftsColor Me Wed: Stress Relieving Wedding Coloring Book: Adult Coloring Book, Wedding Coloring Book, Bride to Be, Bridal Shower Gifts by LightBurst Media

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Title: Color Me Wed
Publisher: LightBurst Media
Release Date: May 11, 2016
Category: Adult Coloring Book
Publisher Website:

In June, just in time for wedding season, I won a copy of Color Me Wed on LibraryThing.* I apologize to my readers for taking so long to review this adult coloring book. I was delayed by good and bad news. The bad news first is that I have been sick the last few months while the good news is that I had two family weddings this summer that put me in the perfect mood for Color Me Wed.

Color Me Wed designs immediately inspired my creativity. I had lots of fun coloring the design and even more using them in craft projects.

HINT: If you think you would like to use an image in a craft project it is a good practice to scan the design rather than making a photocopy. Scanning will allow you to resize the image if necessary. (Just remember to abide by all copyright laws.)

Here are five reasons why I spent my summer coloring with Color Me Wed.

1. Stress Reliever
Getting married is one of the most stressful times in life. I have always thought that planning a wedding was a test for the bride and groom; if they make it to the altar without killing each other then they deserve to spend the rest of their lives together. One way to ensure the couple makes it to the ceremony is scheduling some stress relievers during the wedding planning stage. Send the groom out golfing (or whatever his hobby is) while the bride has some quiet time with my favorite wedding coloring book, Color Me Wed. I spent more than one afternoon happily lost in the beautiful images of Color Me Wed. In fact, I believe the wedding cake image could help brides pick the color theme for the wedding. Think of all the color combinations the bride might like to are consider and then color a wedding cake image with each color scheme. Now the bride has a visual of each color theme to help her (the groom, and their parents) pick the perfect colors for the wedding.

2. Adult Coloring Book
Before I colored Color Me Wed, I didn’t understand why coloring books were called “adult” coloring books. Yes, I know some coloring books have adult subject matter, but was that the only reason? I believe the term “adult” should also address the skill level. I discovered that adult skill level in Color Me Wed. It has beautiful designs created by Bonnie Bright of LightBurst Media. Bonnie’s wedding illustrations are filled with realistic detail. Each one of the 34 original designs have been drawn with the small details that bring realistic images alive. I have found that even a novice colorist can create finished pictures that look professionally colored if they pay attention to coloring those small details. Those small details bring out shadows and focus in the finished image. And while all little girls want to color wedding dresses, Color Me Wed is for the grown-up girls who can stay within those small detailed lines.

3. Wedding Cards
Another benefit of crafting with a coloring book is that the colorist can select the paper and size of the image. Color Me Wed has 34 designs that can be used for Wedding Announcements, Save the Date cards, Wedding Invitations, and Thank You cards. Just remember that while you can use these images for making cards, it is recommended that you give the image designer credit on the back of the card. Color Me Wed images are copyrighted protected and cannot be used for creating profit-making crafts. You are not allowed to sell products using Color Me Wed designs without written approval of LightBurst Media.

4. Coloring Games
If you know someone getting married, you might be attending Wedding Showers and Bachelorette parties. For a wedding shower game where the bride is a coloring enthusiast, print out your favorite Color Me Wed image and challenge the shower guests to color them. I like having the bride or the mothers of the bride and groom pick the winner (it’s up to you what they win, but it could be as simple as bragging rights.). My favorite is to pick a wedding gown design and ask party-goers to color the wildest dress for the bride. This activity gives the bride plenty of time to circulate tables and greet all of her guests. And the back of the finished colorings can be used to record the wedding shower gifts as the bride opens them. Put all finished Color Me Wed designs together in a scrapbook and now the bride has a unique checklist keepsake for writing her Thank You cards. The bride can also add gifts received on the wedding day. The bride will treasure this artwork by her friends forever.

For a fun pre-Bachelorette party, invite all guests to dinner. This will help ensure guests have food in their stomachs before the Bachekorette party starts. Ask guests to color one of the Color Me Wed designs and write memories of the bride on the back of their colored illustrations. This is a great way to get everyone involved in the wedding.

5. Wedding Journal Keepsake
The flexibility and beauty of Color Me Wed will bring out creativity. Over the course of planning the wedding, the bride could color all 34 Color Me Wed images. After coloring each design, use the blank backside as a wedding journal page. After the wedding (or as a very special wedding gift), the bride could give this wedding journal keepsake to her groom to tell their love story, to her parents to thank them for the wedding, to her maid of honor to express her friendship, and even to her new mother-in-law, with the hopes for their marriage. Or if the mother of the bride (or mother-in-law) is a colorist, she could use the wedding journal keepsake to record cherished memories of her daughter (or son), to pass on wedding advice, or even to gift favorite family recipes to her daughter (or new daughter-in-law.)

I hope you can see how coloring Color Me Wed can be a relaxing solitary activity or used to spread joy with coloring party activities and games. I enjoyed every one of the 34 Color Me Wed illustrations. And I’m sure colorists involved in the wedding season, or just day dreaming about a future wedding, will enjoy Color Med Wed too.

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* LibraryThing offers early release copies of books to reviewers in hope that they will post an honest review. There is no guarantee or promise of a favorable review.

A Belated Bride

A Belated Bride (Rogues, #2)A Belated Bride by Karen Hawkins
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Series:  Rogues
Book: 2 of 3
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: January 9, 2001
Category: Romance/Historical
Setting: England
Author Website:
Author Twitter: TheKarenHawkins   

About this series:
This Regency trilogy focuses meetings of abduction and seduction. It has strong confident men and sassy opinionated women.

About this book:
The second book in this series, A Belated Bride, has passion from the opening scene to the last. An innocent, country girl, Arabella Hadley, fell in love with Lucien Devereaux, heir to the Duke of Wexford. And then Lucien abandoned her for London.

A lot has happened since Arabella had her heart broken. She is now a strong and confident women who manages Rosemont, her family’s country estate and home to her two scheming aunts and her war crippled brother, Robert. Equally, Lucien has grown into a man worthy of his title and responsibilities. So when Arabella finds Lucien unconscious on a country road in the middle of the night near Rosemont, both are torn between their instant desire that still flames hot as a burning coal and their curiosity as to why the other is out on this dark night.

Hawkins does an amazing job of mixing humor (usually via Arabella’s two aunts, Jane and Emma) with a passionate romance and an interesting mystery. Arabella and Lucien’s romance is a classic damsel in distress story with a twist as Arabella proves to be as intelligent as she is beautiful. The mysteries at Rosemont includes a fiesta pirate ancestor and smugglers.

I started this series with this book and I enjoyed it enough to seek out the remaining two books. If you are looking for a humorous and passionate romance A Belated Bride will satisfy your romance reading itch. But don’t be surprised if it sparks a desire to read the rest of this series and more from Karen Hawkins’s.

Disclaimer:  I won this book as part of an author contest.

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