(as of 8/14/2017 ZaBeth is not accepting anymore books by new authors/publishers).

Hi, call me ZaBeth. All my reader friends do.

Book Reviews on Finding Me In Words

Authors & Publishers can submit books to be reviewed to ZaBethMarsh (at) gmail (dot) com.
– There is no guarantee that books will be reviewed.
– Any ebooks or printed books submitted will not be returned.
– There is no guarantee that reviews will be positive
o There are too many good books waiting to be read so if I don’t like a book I won’t finish reading it. I won’t publish reviews on books that have been partially read.
o All books reviewed have been read completely.
o Books I’ve started but not finished are on my Goodreads shelf called: Try Again Someday
o If I’ve spent my time reading a book, I must have liked something enough that I found it worth finishing.
– Books may be mentioned on LiveBlog Books but never receive a full length book review on Finding Me in Words.
– Positive reviews are usually published to Goodreads.com, Amazon.com, and BN.com.
o There is no guarantee that reviews will be published to all sites.
– If books are selected to be reviewed, whoever submitted the book will be notified when a review is published to Finding Me in Words.
– Notifications are not sent for books discussed on LiveBlog Books.

What is LiveBlog Books?

I started LiveBlog Books because I want to keep in touch with other avid readers while I am reading a book. If you follow my book review blog (Finding Me in Words) sometimes there are gaps between reviews. I wanted readers to hear what I’m spending my time on between reviews. And I want to chat with readers to hear about books I should be reading.
Keep an eye on LiveBlog Books and on Twitter @ZaBethMarsh for quick to read book updates that will keep our book discussion going.

Thank you for reading and discussing books with me.

Make time to read today!


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