The Rules of Seduction

The Rules of Seduction (Rothwell #1)The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Series:  Rothwell
Publisher: Dell
Release Date:  January 1, 2006
Category: Crime / Mystery
Setting:  London
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About this book:
Sadly, I read this book while recovering from an illness. I think it could have been a page turner but I could not hold my concentration that long. Having said that though, there were periods when I was able to completely lose myself within its pages which really is the highest compliment one can give any book and an author.

Alexia Welbourne is a classic romantic female. She is a poor relation dependent on the kindness of her cousins for her wellbeing. She does not let her situation get her down though, she has accepted her fate. But when her cousins lose their fortune and they are pinching pennies Alexia is turned out to find her own way in the world.

Ironically Alexia finds employment with Hayden Rothwell the very man who brought her cousins ruin. A cold man by all public accounts Alexia discovers there is a very warm man in private. Together the two encounter the troubles associated with a classic romance; which means that besides falling in love they also uncover the mysteries surrounding Alexia’s cousin.

Without giving anything away, I have to say that I didn’t see this turn of events coming; and I don’t think it was my weakened state of health that made me miss it. I literally said aloud, “Well, I didn’t see that coming” when the mystery was revealed. I hope I’m not the only one who talks to the characters in the book they are reading.

A thoroughly enjoyable read I look forward to finishing the rest of this series.

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