The Library: A World History

The Library: A World HistoryThe Library: A World History by James W.P. Campbell

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Publisher:    University Of Chicago Press
Release Date:    October 14, 2013
Category:   Art, History, Reference 



About this book:


Okay, I admit it. I didn’t read every word of this book but I got it mostly for the pictures. I love books and therefore I’m equally in love with the places that house books. From the ancient stone libraries to the modern steel stacks, libraries help keep the love of books alive and so I frequent my library as much as possible. What I fear most is the book warehouse such as the Bodleian Storage in Swindon, UK that houses the overflow of the Oxford Library. Books stored away where no one can see it is a sad life for a book. A book should be available where people can pull it down off the shelf by inspiration, flip through the pages, and learn just a tidbit before putting it back on the shelf for the next person to discover.


I may never be able to see these libraries in real life but some of my favorites from this book are:




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