India Black and the Rajah’s Ruby

India Black and the Rajah's RubyIndia Black and the Rajah’s Ruby by Carol K. Carr
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Series:    Madam of Espionage Mysteries
Publisher:    Berkley
Release Date:   December 31, 2012
Category:   Crime, Mystery, Romance
Setting:  London
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Hands down, Carol K. Carr is one of my favorite authors. I love India Black because she is fun.  I appreciate her because she is smart enough to know when she needs help. And I want to be like her because she is independent enough to do her own thing; even when it goes against convention. These books are written as India’s memoirs. Hindsight is everything and India has a great power of observation as she looks back on her adventures.


About this book:


This novella-length prequel is available only in Kindle Edition and will introduce to you the fast-thinking heroine of the India Black series. This story takes place before India becomes the Madame of the Lotus and still is a working girl at another establishment. She manages to talk her way into a few days off to help out Philip Barrett, a suitor who needs a beautiful woman on his arm during a critical business meeting. Of course, things don’t go as planned.


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