Lust, Money & Murder

Lust, Money & Murder - Book 1, LustLust, Money & Murder – Book 1, Lust by Mike Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published: June 14, 2011
Publisher: Independent Author (UK)
Category: Romance, Mystery
Setting: Present day, United States / Europe
Series: Book #1 of Lust, Money & Murder series
Author Website:

In Lust, the first book of Mike Wells’ Lust, Money & Murder series we meet Elaine Brogan who is having a difficult childhood. Her mother abandons her and her father when she is ten years old. Yet somehow Elaine remains innocent and naïve in her poor neighborhood. When that innocence is finally shattered it sets Elaine on a course to join the Secret Service and track down counterfeiters.

This is clearly the world building book of the series, as every Book 1 should be. Most of Elaine’s early issues are neatly and quickly resolved. Even though her childhood is pretty bad at some points, Elaine clearly gets some breaks that allow her to easily pursue her chosen career with the Secret Service. If the story had a slower pace this might really bother me, however Wells writes a rapid read that dares you to keep up. Each scene is a quick snapshot of Elaine’s life and clearly Wells is working toward something bigger. This author doesn’t ask you to patiently hang out while he tells Elaine’s background story, he grabs your hand and runs all out toward the real story. You can’t help but hold on and feel the wind rushing at your face until suddenly you’re staring on the edge of a cliff in Elaine’s life.

Lust really is more a novella. By the end you’ll know who are the players are, but Wells has only just turned the corner into the true mystery of this series. I wouldn’t be surprised if after finishing Lust readers are quickly clicking on their favorite bookseller website to download Book #2 to discover what comes next for Elaine.

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