What One Whisper Away Taught Me

One Whisper Away (Ladies in Waiting, #1)One Whisper Away by Emma Wildes

Category: Romance

Setting: Regency, London England

Series: Book 1, Ladies in Waiting

Author Website: http://www.emmawildes.com/

From page 108:

“The most impoverished peasant can be delighted by the opening of the first spring flower, and the most wealthy aristocrat can curse the day he was born because of some petty offense to his sensibilities. She is a very wise woman. To achieve serenity we have to view life not as it is measured by the world around us but as we ourselves measure it. We must accept that the scales are not at all equal.”

I have often found that some of the poorest times in my life have been the happiest. Not that I wouldn’t always prefer to have some money in my pocket, but not having any makes you really evaluate what is important in your life. The noise and clutter of the world seems to fall away and you realize to survive you have to look for the bright spots even in the darkest night. It is that light that gets you through the hard parts.

I really enjoyed that Emma Wildes brought a bit of the harsh world into her novel and yet it was spoken with such wisdom that I actually found it uplifting.

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