Readers Love Wildes’ Whispers

One Whisper Away (Ladies in Waiting, #1)One Whisper Away by Emma Wildes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Category: Romance
Setting: Regency, London England
Series: Book 1, Ladies in Waiting
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Emma Wildes’ new series, Ladies in Waiting, starts with a classic romance, One Whisper Away. A chance encounter introduces innocent debutant Lady Cecil to Earl of Augustine, otherwise known as Earl Savage by the more experienced ladies of the ton.

This novel is more about emotion than suspense although there is a soft mystery subplot. And while the hero and heroine act true to their backgrounds there is remarkably little action in this novel. That in no way means it was boring. A lot goes on, but this is more a thought-provoking book of emotion rather than any wild ride through the English countryside.

There are some interesting supporting characters in this novel that I hope go on to have their own romances.  I highly recommend Emma Wildes if you are more interested in the characters’ feelings than elaborate action plots. The passion and love that builds between the main characters is well paced and heated. There is a flirtatious humor within these pages that can only leave avid romance readers with a smile of satisfaction.

Books in Ladies in Waiting series:

  • One Whisper Away, publish May 2011 (Book #1)
  • A Growing Passion (ebook special), published April 2011 (Book #1.1)
  • Spanish Lullaby (ebook special), published December 2011 (Book #1.2)
  • Twice Fallen, published January 2012 (Book #2)