Historical Novel Delivers More Than Just Romance

The Emperor's ConspiracyThe Emperor’s Conspiracy by Michelle Diener

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Emperor’s Conspiracy by Michelle Diener will show you from the very first scene that this isn’t going to be your average romance novel. It quickly establishes that this book is going to be about more than two people falling in love. It is going to highlight the differences between social classes, how individuals reinvent themselves, and how easily good people get wrapped up in evil.

The heroine Charlotte Raven is what every woman should strive to be. Charlotte is strong-willed, intelligent and very clear about who she is. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t struggle with life and love like the rest of us, but it means she keeps her head up and does the best she can. Equally as entertaining is Lord Edward Durnham, who is handsome and rich and yet can still be a jerk to his sister upon occasions.

This novel also shows a contrast between how man and woman handle their friendships. Charlotte and Em become instant friends when united by an enemy and stick together as thick as thieves. Meanwhile we see Edward establish a bond with Lord Aldridge however the two hardly manage to do more than a teenage head nod to each other when confronting an enemy. They have each other’s back, but neither worries about the other when they walk away.

This is a great novel for your book club. Luckily the publisher has included some insightful topics and questions for discussion. Get a cup of coffee at the start this book and you’ll be spiking it with some whiskey before you’re finished and discussing it with your friends.

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