The Steampunk Gazette

The Steampunk GazetteThe Steampunk Gazette by Major Tinker

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When my husband said he picked out a book for me at the library I wasn’t sure what to expect as our tastes in reading material are as different as day and night. Regardless of our differences, I never should have doubted that he knows me. He found the perfect selection for me when he brought home The Steampunk Gazette written by renowned Steampunk expert Major Tinker.

There are three things that immediately impressed me about this book. First is the very succinct definition of Steampunk it provides for those who haven’t been introduced to the subject. Tinker explains – in a finer sentence than I’ll summarize here – that steampunk is inspired by the Victorian era with a twist of science fiction, modern technology, and fun. Second, this book offers a thorough historical summary of how Steampunk has evolved into its current existence. While Tinker explains the term “steampunk” was not coined until 1987 the creativity behind Steampunk has existed for many years and many will recognize its roots in such popular items as the work of Jules Verne. The third reason that jumped out at me is that Tinker dictates that the Steampunk genre and activities involve everyone being “nice to each other.” I believe that may be exactly why this creative outlet has such a firm hold on society currently. We all want to be embraced for our uniqueness and yet still belong to a group that has common ground. Steampunk can really be all encompassing across ages, race, and the arts, and yet so wonderfully narrowed down to your own individual focus.

If that doesn’t interest you enough, Tinker’s gazette is filled with wonderful color photographs from Steampunk events such as The Asylum and Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium. You’ll find chapters organized by Steampunk furniture, music, literature, and clothing to name a few. Each providing examples so that you can be inspired by whatever thread of Steampunk culture sparks your interest. In addition, you’ll learn about real world examples of Steampunk art and gadgetry on display at museums and restaurants around the world.

Now that I have read The Steampunk Gazette, I’m looking forward to digging through my to-read pile to find the next Steampunk gem to read. Here is a list of just a few of my favorite Steampunk books:

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