Love Is Blind

Love Is BlindLove Is Blind by Lynsay Sands

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love may be blind but true love always seem to find each other even in the dark. Lynsay Sands novel, Love is Blind, is a sweet romance with a hot passion. This book might have been called, Love At First Sight, if not for the insecurities that both the hero and heroine suffer from which prevent them from admitting their love for each other.

There are several interesting themes in this book, even if I was able to figure out the whodunit of the story long before it was revealed. The novel explores how society imposes ideas on to individuals – such as how they dress and look – and how individuals react to those pressures. In another plot twist, Sands investigates our ability to forgive those around us. As wonderful as our lead characters are, they are not without their flaws and can they see their way to forgive others for their imperfections. There is also a nice subplot about loyalty and trust. For even when faced with what appears to be insurmountable evidence Sands pushes her characters to trust their instincts and friends.

This isn’t a page turner mystery but it is a nice enjoyable read. The characters are likable. The settings are romantic. And the mystery, while not Agatha Christie worthy, supports the actions that take place in the story. The story line moves well. All and all it was a nice way to spend some time and I wouldn’t mind finding out if some of the supporting characters are spotlighted in another Sands’ novel.

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