Persuasion (the Spymaster's Men #2)Persuasion by Brenda Joyce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brenda Joyce’s second book in her Spymaster’s Men series, Persuasion, delivers everything you want in a historical romance: international intrigue, a brooding handsome hero, and a headstrong heroine.

Set in the midst of the French revolution, Joyce has all the heroes of this series playing a dangerous spy game for the British spymaster Sebastian Warlock. Warlock’s only concern is winning the war for his country and he isn’t above using his niece Amelia Greystone to achieve his goals. Especially when she starts working as housekeeper for the Earl of St. Just, who may be working as a double agent for France and Britain. Joyce is a master of creating emotionally charged romances and Persuasion is no different.

What I liked about this second offering is that espionage does not require the reader to have any knowledge of French geography to understand the war battles – a fault I found with the initial book in the series. While I like all the men and women that Joyce has focused on in this series so far, part of me is hoping that the last book in this series will provide Warlock with his own romantic ties. It would be interesting to see the man who pulls all the political strings have his heart strings yanked by someone else. There will likely be many stories before this series is over as both Lucas and Jack need their own love stories. I wonder which one will be paired with Nadine? Jack seems awfully interested in her, but we’ve seen Lucas and Nadine together plotting on the side. Could brothers come to blows over a girl? One never can tell where Joyce will take her next love story but readers are always pleased on the final page.

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