Vampire at a Crossroads

Crossroads (Anna Strong Chronicles, #7)Crossroads by Jeanne C. Stein

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the seventh Anna Strong book, Crossroads, Jeanne C. Stein begins to poke at her heroine with loose threads from previous books. Everything seems to bring Anna circling back to the choices she has made since the vicious attack that made her a vampire; and she had no say in that.

This book is very much about choices. Anna has time to think about the decisions she has made and contemplates her internal war between her vampire self and human self. Surrounding this internal struggle is the backdrop Navajo west. Stein has created layers and layers of contrasts in this novel. The modern world against the Navajo traditions. The comforts of technology against the harshness of the western land. There is no preaching in this book about what is right and what is wrong; which so often happens when authors bring in strong traditional cultures. Stein rather focuses on the story and allows the reader to feel the pull of both sides of every argument–much like her characters would.

This is just a Crossroads in Anna Strong’s story. Stein is building up to something good. Readers will feel it coming like Anna feels the drums banging through the mountain at one point in this story. You can’t quite hear it yet . . . you don’t know what the words will be . . . but you feel the beat there and it will be powerful and awesome when it comes. Keep reading Stein and Anna Strong and you’ll be rewarded.

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