Paris is in Love with Eloisa James

Paris in Love: A MemoirParis in Love: A Memoir by Eloisa James

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Have always wanted to move to Paris? Hated the idea of moving to Paris? Love to cook, or just love to eat? Are married with children, or without? Love to travel or hate it? Love dogs or detest them? Or if you know someone with a terminal illness or not, you’ll want to read “Paris in Love.”

Eloisa James, aka Mary Bly, a best-selling romance author and professor of Shakespearean literature details her year of living in Paris with her husband and two children. This memoir, written in Facebook-like tiny essays, chronicles their year living abroad with the same humor often found in her books, but also with a serious beauty that only a lover of books, literature, and language can bring to life on paper.

I admit that I both laughed out loud, practically read it aloud to my husband, and cried during this year with James. James suffered her own cancer scare soon after her mother passed from the disease. This is not a memoir that focuses on illness. It is overstuffed with life. And learning to live with the hand that life deals you.

You’ll close the book understanding what life is REALLY about and hoping that you’ll have just a slice of time in your lifetime comprised of what James has experienced.

God Bless all who read it, and thank you James for writing a wonderful travel memoir that is so much more!

PS: Be sure to go online to get a digital tour of James’ favorite museums, restaurants, and shopping as she offers a wonderful selection of websites at the end of book.

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