Book Review: Kiss of Twilight, a Paranormal Romance

Kiss of Twilight (Dark Bonds, #2)Kiss of Twilight by Loribelle Hunt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In Loribelle Hunt’s novel, Kiss of Twilight, demons hunt the Earth. An old sect of warriors called the Order of Templar fight for humanity against these evil creatures. However, their strength comes from binding their souls to a half-demon. Only by bonding to someone they love can a Templar avoid succumbing to his evil half.

Paranormal Romance
Kiss of Twilight is the second novel in Hunt’s Dark Bonds series. This is a well developed book with complex characters that grow throughout the novel. Dupree Jackson is a well trained warrior for the Templar but he is struggling against his evil demon side and his desire for Kara Stone. Dupree does not feel right about tying Kara to his evil half; his love for her forces him to want her to be safe and protected. However, Kara grew up in the Order of Templar and she has no desire to sit on the sidelines while Dupree and others fight the demons. Everyone in this novel has a history that is tied to fighting the demons and saving the innocent. That emotional tie to the fight is what makes this paranormal story work.

Coming of Age
Kara’s coming of age story is a key plot in Kiss of Twilight. Kara, like many women, struggle with determining her way. She sees herself as a capable warrior however; many around her still see her as the young girl who came to live in the Order. It is a common problem many young women face as their decisions in life may not be the path others would choose for them. Kara, however, sticks to her ground. She knows exactly what she wants out of life. The only question is how she will get it. I believe all of us struggle with this question on our journey in life. Reading about Kara’s quest is a testimony to all to believe in oneself.

Erotic Romance
While Kiss of Twilight is categorized as an erotic romance by Carina Press, the passion Hunt writes about fits nicely into the storyline. While there is some sexually explicit sections this is not without feeling by both characters that have made a commitment to each other. Those who have not read an Erotic Romance may find this ebook a nice introduction to the genre. I have certainly read many Regency novels with the same level of sexual detail that Hunt provides in this book. You can find Kiss of Twilight and other romance novels by Hunt on her website.

Hunt, Loribelle. Kiss of Twilight, Carina Press. December 26, 2011. ASIN: B005Z1CU0M