15 Grammar Goofs to Avoid

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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2 thoughts on “15 Grammar Goofs to Avoid

  1. Hi Zabeth! I really enjoyed the format of this post by Copyblogger. Since I am a copyeditor myself, I really wince when these kind of mistakes crop up. Thanks!

    1. Kecia: As a former copyeditor, I too cringe when I see some of these simple yet frequent mistakes. I still feel better reading with a red pen handy just in case I come across something. Unfortunately, I’m finding a lot of these errors in some of the best ebooks. Publishers don’t seem to be taking the time like they used to to get qualified editors. A bad error like these can really hurt a publication’s reputation. BTW, I loved the set up of this as well. Anything that teaches with humor and a clear message just my Gold Star approval!

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