Book Review: The Dark Glamour

The Dark Glamour (666 Park Avenue, #2)The Dark Glamour by Gabriella Pierce

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Author Gabriella Pierce now has two books out in the 666 Park Ave series. The first book, 666 Park Ave, sets the stage for a James Bond-type saga that replaces spies with witches. Unknown to the rest of the world, witches really do exist. Witch families are some of the wealthiest and most beautiful people on this Earth. They are constantly in the public eye yet hide what they really are.

The Good Witch

After college Jane runs away to Paris to seek some freedom from what she believes is an overprotective grandmother. Soon after, Jane falls in love with the worldly American, Malcolm, who wants to bring her home to his New York family. As Jane begins to adjust to her new country and new family she realizes that everything may not be what it appears. In fact, she may not be what she thought. Jane discovers she is a witch.

The Coven

In this series, all the magical power is passed down through the female line. Malcolm’s mother being the leader of the New York household and coven at 666 Park Ave rules Manhattan, and possibly the world if she had her way. This wicked witch of a mother-in-law will stop at nothing to secure a female child to pass on her legacy. And it isn’t long before Jane realizes that her worthiness will last only as long as it takes to produce a child – a female child.

The Secrets

In a world where most people still don’t know that witches and magical powers are real, Jane struggles with loneliness and trust as she tries to figure out how to use and control her powers. As her magical powers grow, Jane only faces more questions than answers about her future. Those few who she feels are real friends only put themselves in danger by associating with her. Especially as she discovers some secrets that her grandmother kept hidden from her – and others – which could give her mother-in-law even more reason to want her dead. How much of what Jane knows can she share with those around her without getting everyone killed?

By the second book in this series, “The Dark Glamour”, Pierce has developed a complex story line with interesting characters that travel around the world in the pursuit of their quests. These action-packed books are both page turners. I’m sure that readers will be as anxious as I am for the third installment in this series. Watching Jane evolve from a naïve young lady into a confident, worldly woman is an exciting ride and one readers won’t want to miss.


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