Why Can’t I Settle On A Blog Theme?

If you have been reading my blog for more than a week you’ve noticed that I seem to have a problem sticking with a design theme. I’m trying to figure out what my problem is or maybe I just need to embrace this need for constant change. I’ve tried several themes over the last few weeks. I’ll review the themes that I’ve tried and maybe I can discover what my true desire is.

My Original Theme

When I first started FindingMeInWords, I was using Koi. I liked the flowing design at the top and the background and text colors are easy to read. In addition, I liked how the date appears to the left of the post. However, it fell out of favor with me because as my blog became more about writing serious book and movie reviews this theme seemed too playful and personal. But I still miss the color and originality of the theme.

Back to Basics

Looking for a more professional design, I turned to Twenty Ten. The crisp white background with the large banner photograph appealed to me for its clean lines, large readable text and simple layout. It certainly gave my blog the professionalism that I was looking for. However, after a few weeks it seemed to be bland to me. It lacked any original style and personality. It didn’t seem to support and enhance my outward appearance to the online world.

Personality Overload

Like a clock pendulum I then swung to the complete opposite next and settled on the theme called, Solipsus. This one has personality. It is dark and artsy and gave me ideas of witty commentary on life and love. This theme seemed to whisper secrets to me. However, I discovered that the main column was tight and pictures didn’t seem to fit in the theme with its round top-right corner. I felt cramped in the narrow center column.

Current Theme

Recently I selected Pilcrow, once again turning to a more professional, clean look for my blog. What caught my eye in this theme was the banner image of books that supported my blog topics of reading and book reviews. While this theme achieves the professional impression I want I’m already getting bored with the white background and it has been less than a week since I’ve changed to this design.

In Summary

I guess I’m still on the hunt for the design that is me. I’m wondering if I need to take pieces of each of these themes and customize my own blog design. I suppose that customized look is what we are all looking for in life. If you read my blog regularly I’m sorry for the constant change. Don’t be surprised if you look in next week and find something completely different for my design theme. I’m not exactly sure what this says about me. That I’m restless and indecisive or that I’m looking for the perfect theme for me and I haven’t found it yet?  Hang in there with me, because the right theme for me will be found eventually.