Ninjas Are What’s Missing In America

Actually it is what we learn from Ninja Warrior that is missing in America. In America today we are so overly concerned about not hurting any one’s feelings that everyone has to be considered a winner; there can never be a loser. No one ever learns to lose and the lesson that comes with losing. But if you watch Ninja Warrior you see that there are a few things still worthy in the world if Americans would just stop talking and start doing.
Every Ninja Warrior competition has it fair share of comedians and local heroes. No one expects these competitors to win, but they come out in their finery and they smile and bow and they jump around excitedly and they compete. And when they land in the frigid ice cold water for their efforts, they smile and thank the crowd for the opportunity to perform for them today.
It teaches us all not to take life too seriously and to have fun and to laugh once in a while.
Whether it is a men’s, women’s, or mixed competition you always discover an athlete or two who excel in strength of body and mind. The Ninja Warrior competition is built so that each competitor must learn to control their strength and use it as needed.  But then also rein it in and let the mind settle so that they do not rush into the icy water instead of crossing the finish line. There is as much strength to be had in lifting a heavy wall as knowing when to slow your pace and let your mind settle. Each require personal strength and a true Ninja Warrior requires both.
It teaches us that there is a power within us that we can control and use at will to help ourselves and others.
I have seen all of the Ninja Warrior competitions and what amazes me is how honored the competitors are to have competed. No one criticizes the course. No one bad mouths another competitor. Everyone is supportive to have made it as far as they have in the competition. Even when no one makes it to the final challenge and when no Ninja Warrior is crowned. There is no drama. There is sorrow that the competition is over. There is failure. But there is always the knowledge that these athletes will be back. That a true Ninja Warrior will not give up his/her quest. There is always honor in knowing you did your best; even if your best wasn’t good enough to win.
It teaches us that there is a reason for this world. With honor our life has a purpose and that makes every life worth so much more.
In America
We make sure that every competitor gets a prize and feels rewarded for their efforts. No one feels as if they lost anything. Losing is not something we teach anymore. When children are grown and they meet with disappointments, what will they do? They have never had to deal with disappointment. There is a side of our society, the poor and neglected side. They live with disappointment all of the time; scraping just to get by and survive. They are not taught how to properly deal with losing either. They have no respect for themselves or their neighbors. They see no future. No reason to be here on earth that gives them reason to be happy.
Our news shows sensationalize acts of violence among teenagers as if we are clueless as to how this can happen. If you don’t teach our young the proper way to handle situations they will come up with solutions themselves. What they come up with will always be the most reactionary, the most emotional, and the most violent that they can think of. If they feel pain, a sharp emotion that will still get through the barriers they have built up to survive, then they are still alive.
We have to teach people about honor. We have to give them mental and physical strength so they can be proud of themselves. And we all have to learn to enjoy life for the mere act of living.
Life is too short, too precious to waste on anything less than an honorable life.