Has Reading Affected Your Life?

Nancy is running an interesting contest and I encourage everyone to enter. I did. All Nancy asks is that you tell her how reading has affected your life. I bet there are some pretty amazing stories out there. I hope you’ll share yours with Nancy, please let me know if you do.

Here’s mine.

The Perfect BrideThe Perfect Bride by Brenda Joyce

The hero Rex is a war vet who lost his leg in battle. While he hides himself from proper society at the start of the novel he does not hide from life. He learns to do everything he wants with his amputation; he just has to do it differently sometimes. And over the course of the novel and with the love of the perfect woman he learns to rejoin society.
When I read the DeWarenne books I was suffering from severe arthritis in my right leg. Both my knee and ankle were impaired and in constant pain. One doctor suggested that at some point amputation might be the best solution. Three years later that is exactly what I did. I amputated my right leg above the knee.

Now, it might seem over-dramatic to say that a fictional character gave me the courage to do it. But it certainly helped. It reminded me that there were a lot of amputees before me and they did not have benefit of the medical technology that we do. And they survived. I knew that I would survive and I would go on.
Plus, I’m married. I’d already found my perfect husband and soul mate.  I’d be okay. Love conquers all.

PS: I got measured for my first prosthetic last week. Soon, I’ll be walking again after six years.


2 thoughts on “Has Reading Affected Your Life?

  1. It isn’t dramatic at all to say that a fictional character gave you courage. Sometimes reading about someone else, fictional or not, allows you to believe that these things may possible. I credit Anita Blake for my success in moving to SLC. Her strength made me believe in mine.

    1. I had looked for real life examples of amputees. But the few I found were really depressing rather than inspiring. I’m sure that they were inspiring in the end, but as someone about to be an amputee I couldn’t make it through the depressing parts as I was living that at the time.

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