My 2011 Writing Goals

This topic was inspired by a post in Livia Blackburne’s blog, A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing, called: Writing Craft Growth and Goals for 2011.

I believe that Livia has an excellent idea here. Especially for a writer. I know for me if I want to remember something or make it real to me, I need to write it down. There is something about typing out the words or writing with a pen that makes that item come alive for me. (Is it any wonder that I like writing fiction?)

In 2011, I want to complete my novel. That is my main goal. I want to complete the first draft and feel that sense of accomplishment that I haven’t had in years now.

My second goal is to make my setting come alive. I feel that I have a good flow of dialog, but my settings don’t add much to the story aside from placing characters somewhere be it in a room or on a map. I want the settings to be part of the story…to become part of the action. It’s my descriptive writing that needs to be worked on next so that it doesn’t feel as if I’ve dropped a paragraph depicting setting at the front of the chapter as an afterthought; like “Oh yeah, and the character started talking here.” It should just flow within and be part of each scene.

I don’t ask for much. Just perfection. Might this be why I have trouble finishing my novel? Probably. But I’ll get there someday.

Happy New Year!