What’s Your Choice For A Good Read In 2010?

I’m a big fan of Goodreads.com.  I love keeping track of:

  • What books I read.
  • What authors I’ve read.
  • Which publishers I frequent.
  • What book series I’ve started.
  • Which books I want to read next.
  • Seeing what my friends liked or didn’t like.

And Goodreads does all that. Check it out if you are a list maker like me.

This year, I’m amazed to discover that my book count is surprisingly low.  Only 41 books. (Okay, I’ve had some amazing life altering events this year so there is some justification, but I’m still ashamed that the number is so low. Please don’t hold it against me.) But this shockingly low number got me wondering:

  • How many books does a author read per year?
  • Do authors read books in the genre they are writing or other genres?
  • Do most authors read mostly for pleasure or research?

If you are wondering what readers’ think were the best reads of 2010, see the Reader’s Choice Awards going on now: Goodreads | goodreads choice awards 2010.