Tricky Twenty-Two

Tricky Twenty-Two (Stephanie Plum #22)Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Stephanie Plum
Publisher: Bantam
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Category: Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Setting: New Jersey
Author Website:

About series:
Stephanie Plum is just an average girl who grew up in a tight knit neighborhood in New Jersey where families usually consist of a mixture of cops and mobsters. Stephanie falls on some hard financial times and the only job she can get is at her Cousin Vinnie’s Bond office as a bounty hunter. The majority of Stephanie’s cases involve skip traces, which is just picking up people who missed their court date. But in every book, Stephanie manages to cross paths with a murder and suddenly she is knee deep in serious bounty hunting. Luckily Stephanie has a long list of friends that always turn up to help her out in a pinch and the bad guys never win.

About this book:

Tricky Twenty-Two delivers a classic Stephanie Plum story complete with her usual gang of friends and some crazy skip traces. What is unique about this book is that Stephanie has her job under control and no longer fumbles around wondering what to do. However, knowing what to do and being able to complete that task are two different things. These challenges that Stephanie faces in her job somehow makes the challenges that we face at work manageable. Let’s face it, if Stephanie can be successful as a bounty hunter then _____ (fill in the blank) is easy.
Twenty-Two’s subplot deals with the love triangle between Ranger, the hot loner bounty hunter, and Morelli, the hunky policeman and sometimes boyfriend of Stephanie’s. If you are on Team Ranger, this book is for you. We get 17 different “Babe’s” from Ranger and everyone of them are hot and sexy yet each also conveys something unique to Stephanie. Don’t worry Team Morelli, Joe is still hot and hunky.
Twenty-Two books in and I’m still in love with Stephanie Plum. She is evolving as a character and yet keeps all the good parts that we love. Like not having bullets in her gun. Or her documented history with car trouble. Also, there’s a bonus: chapter one of Turbo Twenty-Three is at the end of the book, and ordinarily I’d be caught in a conflict about whether or not I should read it. My dilemma was, it’s one more chapter I’m going to love reading but on the other hand, I would have had to wait until the book was released to read the rest of it. But this time both Turbo Twenty-Three and Hardcore Twenty-Four are already released! I’m going to marathon read Stephanie Plum this weekend to catch up on the series. How about you?

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To The Duke, With Love

To the Duke, with Love (The Rakes of St. James, #2)To the Duke, with Love by Amelia Grey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback
Release Date: Dec 5, 2017
Categories: Romance
Setting: London
Author Website:

About this series:

Three sons of dukes decide to commit a prank on Polite Society and get labelled the Rakes of St. James. But sometimes bad boys grow up to be honorable men.

About this book:

Sloane Knox, the Duke of Hawksthorn (Hawk) has found the perfect husband for his sister. Except the groom-to-be has a sister who doesn’t believe in arranged marriages. In fact, Loretta Quick has taken a vow to never marry.

The passion between Hawk and Loretta ignites immediately. There is a great secondary storyline that truly flushes out the story and keeps things moving forward in an entertaining way. While the first book in the series, “Last Night with the Duke” was humorous and cute it took on some serious topics like forced arranged marriages for women and the exploitation of children during the Regency period. Yet this second book in the series manages to be delightfully lighthearted at the right times and seriously passionate whenever the hero and heroine met.

Grey is hitting her stride with the Rakes of St. James series. Her characters – both primary and secondary – are likeable and grow personally throughout the story. In fact, I sat down to read a chapter or two on a Saturday morning and more than half a book later the sun was going down. You know a book is good when you lose track of time and read the day away. I love when that happens.

I have high hopes for the third book in this trilogy as Grey has written two winners so far. Not to put any pressure on Grey, but it’s going to be tough to beat the first two, so please don’t miss out on this truly entertaining series.

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I received a free copy but voluntarily reviewed.

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Last Night With The Duke

Last Night with the Duke (The Rakes of St. James, #1)Last Night with the Duke by Amelia Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Rakes of St. James Series (3 books)
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Categories: Romance
Setting: London
Author Website:

About this series:
Three sons of dukes decide to commit a prank on Polite Society and get labelled the Rakes of St. James. But sometimes bad boys grow up to be honorable men.

About this book:

The Duke of Griffin has a problem. He has been labeled a rake by society but now his younger twin sisters are about to enter their first Season. How does he keep young rakes away from his sisters?

Esmeralda Swift is trying to live an honorable life despite the scandal – her mother fell in love with and married an impoverished poet – that ostracized her from the society. Esmeralda and her younger sister live above the employment agency that Esmeralda runs. That is until the Duke makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

I loved this book. Grey hit all the touchpoints. I laughed out loud. I cried. I felt true love between the hero and heroine. I was concerned in the first two chapters as there seemed to be repetitive telling, not showing. By chapter three Grey hit her stride and never looked back. I can’t wait to read book two due out in December 2017.

This series feels like a home run for Grey. I’ll be reviewing book two next, as my review copy arrived last week and I put it right at the top of my to be read pile.

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I received a free copy but voluntarily reviewed.